Haarlem, The Netherlands

16 September 2014
The first picture shows the Amsterdamse Poort of Haarlem. Built in 1355, its goal was to protect the city and would afterwards be used as a toll to enter the city until the 17th century. When the Haarlemmertrekvaart canal is dug in 1631, the journey to Amsterdam is considerably shortened. It is now reasonable to do a round trip to Amsterdam by boat in the same day, which is the origin of the name Amsterdamse Poort. Since the sixties, it is declared national monument.
The second pictures illustrates the De Adriaan windmill (or Windmollen De Adriaan). It was built in 1779, burnt in 1932 and finally rebuilt in 2002. Its name comes from the entrepreneur, Adriaan de Boois, who built it. It's one of Haarlem's draws and only works as a demo for tourists.
The swing bridge Catharijnebrug built in 1902 and declared national monument in 1999 is the oldest et most famous swing bridge of Haarlem. In the same city, there are different swinging systems for bridges.