Dublin, Ireland

14 October 2018
I had to give a training in Northern Ireland and took the opportunity to take a few days off to do a bit of sightseeing in Belfast and Dublin. I got extremely lucky with the weather as I had only an afternoon of pouring rain on a week stay and a chilly but not cold or windy weather. One could argue that I didn't have the full Irish experience :)
I also visited the National Gallery of Ireland whose entrance fee is free (donations welcome of course). I'm not really fond of museums or galleries but the building itself was inviting.
Dublin's walls are sometimes covered by beautiful graffitis. Most can be found around Temple Bar or Camden neighborhoods.
I feel like Dublin is a good city to live in but overall it didn't seem that different from common European cities, which might be one of the reasons why I took so many pictures of the graffitis and not the landmarks :)

Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

15 October 2018
Belfast is a relatively small city which can be discovered in a long day walk without any doubt. The city history is quite heavy with the different wars, the latest being named the Troubles and ended only 20 years ago, and the Titanic disaster, Belfast being where the infamous ship was built. Find more about the history here. However, the city is growing back and tourism and immigration seem to be seen as having a good impact on the city as it was repeated multiple times by my city guide. There's been more and more tourists recently with the shooting of Game of ThronesTV series and its cast staying in the city.