Lyon, France

27 October 2019 to 03 November 2019
For the fourth consecutive year, I attended the Embedded Linux Conference Europe. That edition took place in Lyon, France. Even though it rained a few times during the week, the weather was overall good and allowed me to take a few pictures here and there. I was happy to still be able to capture the beautiful autumnal colors in the parks. The first pictures were all taken in the Parc de la Côte d'Or which is the biggest park in Lyon.
The conference was held at Palais des Congrès, near the Amphiteatre where this sculpture of a busy business man is standing. This sculpture is one of the six made by Xavier Veilhan all placed in the Cité des Congrés. The art piece is named Les Habitants (can be translated to The Inhabitants).
Lyon has some hilly neighborhoods, such as Croix-Rousse, and is traversed by the Rhône river, offering some nice view on the city and its architecture.
The city is also famous for its traboules, small hallways going through private buildings but open some time during the day to the public where one can have a peek at the courtyard of old Lyon edifices. As explained in the Wikipedia article, it was used by silk merchants to transport their products without the risk of the weather damaging them.