Verdon, Calanques & Cévennes

21 September 2018 to 25 September 2018

Day 1 - Toulouse => Vinon sur Verdon

I decided to go visit a friend near Aix-en-Provence in South-East of France, riding my motorbike. The ride was deceiving and boring, with mostly straight roads. In addition, the weather was not that great for the season with freshness (~15°C for the first hours in summer gear) and windiness.

Day 2 - Gorges du Verdon

We hit the road to ride in Gorges du Verdon for a few hours during the day. The road was great with many turns and points of view.

Day 3 - Marseille and its Calanques

This time, we reached Marseille by car with the idea of hiking in the Calanques. It was scorching hot so we decided to not go berserk with the hike and did a relatively small one. We went from Luminy to Calanque du Sugiton, Calanque de Morgiou and back to Luminy.

Day 4 - Vinon sur Verdon => Cendras

Time for me to head back to Toulouse but I decided to ride in the Cévennes as curving roads are apparently paving the whole park. As the ride through the Cévennes and then to Toulouse can't be realistically done in a day, I slept in a charming house in Cendras. It was very windy once again and not very enjoyable roads even in the Cévennes where they were very narrow (~2m wide) and required a lot of attention and much reduced speed.

Day 5 - Cendras => Toulouse

I decided to make the best of the few hours left in the Cévennes by trying the curviest roads. The weather was especially cold (~10°C for the 3 first hours) but fortunately I had taken my winter gloves and a windbreaker which were a blessing and helped me get through the park without too many chivers. I had a blast on those curvy roads and the different landscapes were magnificient. I stopped numerous times to admire them and try to take a few pictures from my motorbike but screwed up with the focus and exposure, so here are a handful.