Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

25 October 2018 to 28 October 2018
As for the last three years, I attended the Embedded Linux Conference Europe which took place in Edinburgh this year. As for all the conferences I attended, I took a few days off afterwards to visit the city.
We went on top of Calton Hill and...
... went to Holyrood Park to hike til we reached Arthur's seat with its view on the city. The shokingly strong wind with the cold was biting us on top of Arthur's seat, but the view was worth it and the hike very accessible and short.
Then we went back to the city centre.
The day after we wandered in the Royal Botanic Garden.
We couldn't leave Edinburgh without visiting the Palace of Holyroodhouse and its abbey. The Palace is still used for official ceremonies with the Queen.
I personally loved Edinburgh. It reminded me a little of Amsterdam which is my favorite city. With a handful of narrow roads, a lot of beautiful landmarks spread across the city and a few parks here and there, it feels like a great city to live in.

Glasgow, Scotland, UK

27 October 2018
With two colleagues of mine, we took the bus to Glasgow since we did most of Edinburgh the previous two days and passed the day walking in the freezing cold (2°C instead of the 8-10°C we had for the last week). None of us had heard good things about Glasgow so we were eager to make our own judgement.
In the end, we were quite surprised, it's not that bad after all and there were a few gorgeous landmarks, such as its Cathedral and the Necropolis nearby.