Le Grammont, Switzerland

18 June 2018

Hike to Le Grammont and Alamont

I was lucky enough to have a few friends living in Lausanne, Switzerland to be able to have companions for some hiking. This is the first hike we did, to Le Grammont. The hike was very physical for the first kilometers. Then we contemplated for a few minutes the magnificient lake Tanay and we continued our route.

We stopped for a backpack lunch at Les Crosses where the view was already spectacular. We then hiked to Le Grammont, heads in the clouds and passed by a family of ibices.
Since it was way too cloudy once the top reached (we couldn't see clear past a few meters), we decided to hike to the peak next to Le Grammont, Alamont, the shortest but steepest way.
Great hike, splendid view (minus the view-blocking clouds) :) Here is a small screenshot of the route we followed, and you can find the GPX file of this hike here. Some stats: 15.42km, 1425m both in ascent and descent, about 5h15min, lunch and photos breaks and sore muscles included.

Lausanne, Switzerland

19 June 2018

Day off in Lausanne

To recover from the hike of the day before, we wandered in Lausanne. We went on top of the Sauvabelin Tower where we could see both ends of Lake Geneva then drank a few beers on the jetty "Jetée de la compagnie" while looking at the mountains and boats sailing until the sun set.

Creux du Van, Switzerland

20 June 2018

Hike to Creux du Van and descent to Gorges de l'Areuse

On the advice from one friend, we went to hike to Creux du Van which is a cirque not so far from Neuchâtel. For this hike, the clear blue sky was there. The ascent was calming with the forest surrouding the trail but steep enough to make us sweat in the heat and excitation to reach the cirque. The cirque itself and the view from it is worth the hike but the cirque is apparently reachable without hiking considering the number of people and the few in hiking gear or the few we met during the ascent or descent. We then went to walk by les Gorges de l'Areuse where you could see the Saut de Brot bridge. The walk was interesting but way too flat for our taste and we gave up quickly, at the station Champ du Moulin where we took the train back to our starting point, Noiraigue, where we discovered that we let the car lights on and its battery was dead.

Though this hike was easier and shorter than the one to Le Grammont, the view was as much rewarding as it was for the previous hike. When you descent to les Gorges de l'Areuse, you usually takes the train back to the starting point, that's why the route is not a loop. Here is a small screenshot of the route we followed, and you can find the GPX file of this hike here. Some stats: 13.23km, 775m in ascent and 845 in descent, about 4h30min, lunch and photos breaks included.

Lavaux-Oron district, Switzerland

21 June 2018

Cycling in Lavaux-Oron district

As a day off, we took our bikes and went for an afternoon on the roads of Lavaux-Oron district. We went to Epesses and back. It was a hard day for my legs as I'm not used to cycle a lot and definitely not with the sloping roads of Switzerland. Nonetheless, the landscape was fantastic as the weather and definitely worth the sweat :)

Niederhorn, Switzerland

23 June 2018

Hike to Niederhorn

I finished my vacations with a hike to a popular peak, Niederhorn which you can reach either by hiking or with a cable car. The hike is accessible and we could talk during the whole journey while walking fast. The ascent lets the hiker contemplate the landscape until the peak where you have a splendid panoramic view on the valley. We lunched there and after a long break for shooting butterflies and playing with my friend's drone, we started the descent. The trail was absolutely gorgeous, with admittedly less view on the landscape but beautiful nature with a lot of different kinds of trees, rocks, bushes, flowers and nobody around.

This hike was in my opinion the one with the most scenic landscape and since it was not a hard hike, I recommend you to do it. Here is a small screenshot of the route we followed, and you can find the GPX file of this hike here. Some stats: 16.5km, 900m in both ascent and descent, about 6h, lunch and photos breaks included.
And voilà, my vacations are already finished. What a week it was! Hopefully, I'll make more time to hike when in France since I have the Pyrénées at reach. I was glad to see a few friends from school again, have such a nice weather and enjoy Swiss nature. Hope to visit Switzerland soon :)